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Property Investment done properly


Investerge is a new concept, a new company and starts a new era for the property investment sector. Launched by an industry disruptor who was behind Purple Bricks this new 'digital' business is all about uniting the traditional players in the sector to offer a better deal for customers. Estate agents are given a solution to provide a new service to investment customers. Property brokers are given a new platform to find investors all through a new digital marketplace. 

The main aim is to give property investors a better service, more choice and a flexible way to buy and sell, all from the security of the Investerge market place and accessible on an App. 

Greenfield will provide marketing, PR, video and social media consultancy and services to launch and develop the brand.

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New brand, video and communications for digital business

OWA started life at the start of the dot-com boom, in 1995, as the Big Oxford Computer Company and have continued to successfully provide leading-edge technology solutions ever since. Greenfield marketing consultants have worked with OWA to enhance their marketing communications with a range of work including a new brand identity new videos, copywriting and working as a digital marketing consultant to enable the business to market itself successfully online and across social media platforms.

Client testimonial


Mark Hall

Director at Oxford Web Applications


"Stuart is one of the best creative thinkers I have come across in my career. The energy and enthusiasm he brings to projects greatly improves their chance of success".

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The  Fujifilm DS7 digital Camera

At the same time that the Internet was gathering pace, the world of photography was also undergoing a transformation from analogue to digital. Greenfield marketing consultants worked with Fujifilm as a digital marketing consultant on all aspects of the transformation of the company from the world’s leading roll film and paper producer to become a digital business inventing and launching the world’s first consumer digital camera. Our role involved developing the strategic plan, creating the marketing rollout plus all aspects of consumer and trade communications. With our expertise in web design, we also created Fujifilm’s first online site.

Picture of Fujifilm digital camera

Jon Gillespie-Brown

President Nalpeiron Inc.

"I have known Stuart for over 20 years and he has to be one of the most creative people I have ever met, not only in a graphical sense but also even more so in a business one - his ideas are fantastic! Of course he has been extremely successful over the years as one of the founders of the UK IT Industry but also in his many other endeavours he has flourished as well. I trust and respect his opinion and love our brainstorming sessions where we fashion new business ideas. I highly recommend him to anyone that wants sound advice or to get ahead".


Vosper Thornycroft becomes VTgroup

The last remaining naval ship builder on the South coast, Vosper Thornycroft was a major employer in Hampshire and contractor to the Royal Navy around the World.  Growth in the 2000s created a diverse group providing a range of support services in many Government out-sourced areas including the education sector. The group was a mishmash of companies and brands which required rationalisation under a single identity which would create unity and common purpose with the 10,000 employees and thousands of customers all dependent on the group. Over a period of 3 years Greenfield marketing consultants re-branded and created a strategic marketing plan for  the group VTplc and undertook an education programme across all businesses linking all group organisations via an online intranet which rationalised many group operations such as recruitment and management training.

VT Group Aircraft carrier launch

Roger Marsh

Marketing Director VT plc

"Stuart is one of the most creative and technologically savvy people I know, who has a knack of being able to combine these skills to create some damn fine ideas for marketing strategies and activities".


It is always a pleasure to be involved with quality products and in the UK marine industry, there still remains a huge reputation in the design and crafting of the finest world cruising yachts. Creating brands that resonate and communicate quality across the globe requires an incredible focus on detail. From website to print to film and exhibitions every detail must reflect quality and dedication. Working with Discovery Yachts as a marketing consultant gave us the opportunity to build the brand and reinforce their reputation for building the finest handcrafted, bespoke, sailing yachts.


Working with best, Barratt  Homes and Knight Frank

House building has never been so important and working with one of the largest developers and chartered surveyors were satisfying and challenging. Creating a wide range of media communications using the local press, online, and event public relations enabled first-time buyers to quickly understand what, where and how they could take their first step. Maintaining a brand presence for these companies is as much about selling as it is about information. There is a subtle mix between the online and face to face relationship needed to market homes.

Discovery Yachts - photo of Discovery 50
Barratt Homes housing development


Southampton and Aston Villa Football clubs

It’s our National sport, it’s emotional, it’s fast moving and the club brands are some of the oldest and most recognised in the World. Working with Southampton Football club involved creating brand ideas for each season and rolling these ideas out across all media and communications.


One year the brand was linked exclusively to the word ‘extraordinary’ and from corporate hospitality through to the online shop and all print collateral this idea was embraced by supporters, players and staff and of course it delivered!  

Aston Villa also wanted to embrace brand new ideas to develop their sponsorship and corporate hospitality. We delivered with a series of regional campaigns to develop long lasting relationships with many of the most successful companies in the region.


The practise of rebranding lawyers

Since the change in the law a decade ago allowing the legal profession to advertise their services, Greenfield has had the opportunity to work with two of the South’s leading practises, Lester Aldridge and Warner Goodman. Solicitors are solely about their people so a brand identity is much more than just a logo mark. The style, approach and soul of the business has to be reflected by the way the people, speak, dress and communicate. This is often forged by the original partners who we have been able to help in understanding the challenges by creating ways to nudge the partners and staff into strong cohesive teams that champion the brand. Both organisations still remain leaders in their fields.c


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