B2B Sales Strategies for the "New Normal" of COVID-19

As we begin the journey back to normality we should use this moment to plan a new route, with new ideas, tactics and goals. Working in the B2B world has changed enormously over the last 5 years with many of the new interactions with customers beginning to resemble those in the B2C channel. However, there are still many differences and some of the old school methods should not be dismissed rather a blend of the new with the old is the best approach.

With the COVID-19 pandemic far from over, and there is still a massive amount of economic pain and high unemployment to come, but in the world of B2B sales, we seem to be fast emerging from the other side of the crisis.

So what does this mean for your B2B sales strategies?

Here are a few thoughts:

1. Get proactive – assume everyone is looking outwards again- even if many are not

Now is definitely not the time to sit back and wait for leads and deals to come to you. Put your head down and start working. Develop a comprehensive approach for customer outreach and lead generation from all possible channels: outbound lead generation (cold calls, email marketing, direct mail) and inbound lead generation (search engine marketing, social media, PPC ads).

Also, get more proactive at asking for referrals from existing customers. Ask everyone on your team to brainstorm and make lists of possible customers or sales leads from their own professional and personal networks. Now is the time to pull out all the stops and figure out where your potential customers are, and how to reach them.