Banning 'like' will never happen but disruption is moving fast with the $4.4b takeover of Epsilon

Facebook disruption in the UK
Will the like button change?

There is a lot happening in marketing technology and disruption of a lot of thing we thought were untouchable are going to change fast. The UK Governments announcement that the like button could disappear for consumers under 18 is of course interesting PR spin from the top. Unfortunately the idea cannot be backed up with reality on a global scale or even in the UK , as far as I can see, but for an idea to get Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram focused and the public excited just before Easter not bad.

However, for the big news on disruption which has happened is real and throws a lot of light on just how tough it is to sell marketing solutions to business that can probably do it themselves with a bit of knowledge of Google and Facebook ads we have to look at the deal just announced:

'Publicis announces $4.4 billion deal to acquire data marketing company Epsilon'