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Blockchain news from the MaxDapp YouTube channel...we're on it and ready!

As a new technology that is getting a lot of news you would expect that Greenfield Marketing would, of course, be close to the action and following every move. Well you would be right, we are already discussing with clients ideas for decentralized apps that could help in counterfeit, food safety, distribution and Government sectors. We are supporters of the tech such as EOS and withthe Crypto market looking like its about to explode again I have left another Greenfield, by son Max, to having all the fun spreading the word on his massive YouTube channel MaxDapp .

MaxDapp broadcasts everyday and his bio says:

MaxDapp is where people turn to get the latest crypto currency news. If you're interested in crypto currency, blockchain & Decentralised applications (dapps) I'm your guy! My channel is teaching people about the power of block chain technology. I explain EOS, Bitcoin, Ethereum, TRON etc... I do weekly EOS news videos surrounding all the latest EOS news updates. I also talk about Bitcoin and how distributed ledger technology will impact and revolutionize financial business models we see today.

There is a lot of great stuff on the MaDapp channel so please visit and subscribe.



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