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One thing I always try and avoid when discussing marketing is anything that could be interpreted as 'dark arts' and when it come to creating excellent easy to use websites that really get results there are a just a few really effective and low cost solutions available and the first thing I do is show the client exactly how easy they are to build and launch. The app that I use and powers the Greenfield.co.uk domain is wix.com. Wix began about 5 years ago as a small venture and has grown to become a very impressive tool. and we love it.

What is key to any of these amazing web tools, however, is what you publish and that is why, I hope, consultancy such as Greenfield still have a reason to be around! The fundamentals of brand, corporate identity, copy writing and design still make a huge difference between success and failure. Google, Bing, Facebook, Youtube all get the importance of good content and relevance. You also need a focus on action and a website is rather like a book used to be, the place to get lots of facts, but on a daily basis you would probably just read a newspaper, listen to the radio or watch TV. The web is the back stop. So today the web site should give lots of deep knowledge available as video, guides, white papers and testimonials. This is only relevant if you then tell your story on social media by publishing newsworthy information and broadcasting directly using as many tools as you can, Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, Instagram, local PR, sector PR, industry blogs, direct mail to customers etc. But today a straight forward advert on TV and ad in a industry journal or a banner on a bus still has a place, but it must be part of the bigger marketing strategy.

The big issue today is managing all these channels. It requires knowledge of all the tools from the various medias and this makes it much more risky than when you spend 90% of your budget on a TV ad campaign at Christmas.

Lots to do... cigar anyone:


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