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Filming in Oxford

Video continues its dominance as the 'must do' communications media for business and over two days we filmed a number approaches for a well established Oxford based technology company.

Our work, and of course theirs, will enables this successful business to use the new films across both website and social media to show its products, culture and value to potential customers in a variety of ways.

Firstly we have developed a short film which focuses on the people and the culture of the company with all the staff taking part in an unrehearsed environment including their favourite lunchtime spot in the heart of Oxford. With 'fly on the wall' filming of meetings and every day work back at their HQ this approach is intended to allow the viewer an insight into the business and its people - in a very real way.

We also filmed a range of interviews and questions and answer sessions with individuals in the team to explain, very much in their own words, how they work together to create the tech solutions they are famed for.

This approach to film making combines high production values with an emphasis on being a real reflection of the company's talent, culture and value. It allows the footage to be used in a variety of ways both in traditional face to face presentations and online via conventional websites but also in different versions for use on social media.

We feel that the Greenfield teams experience which ranges from conventional TV commercial production and writing through to the very latest approach to bloging, live streaming and unscripted film offers clients a very cost effective solution.


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