Formula Foil Ocean Racing Championships - news update

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

Its been just 10 days since we announced the Formula Foil Offshore Racing Championships (FFORC) for 2020 in Bénéteau Figaro 3 yachts and it has really stirred up a storm.

“At last an offshore circuit in high tech boats which is affordable; This really is the future of adventure offshore racing; You can compete against the best and keep your day job; More fun than sailing in the Solent and cheaper; £15K a head for a year’s offshore racing amazing; A great opportunity for GB to be first into foiling for amateurs offshore;"

Well we were expecting some feedback and we certainly got it and thank you for all your comments. In response we have already made a few changes. Firstly, the boats will be identical and built to the Figaro 3 rule, so we are changing the minimum crew to 3 people and maximum 500kg crew weight but keeping the no autopilot rule. We are also going to recruit skippers for businesses who want to sponsor boats but don’t have skippers and crews. This is such a great deal for business wanting to really stretch their marketing budgets. The amount of coverage and leverage a business can get from a 10-month campaign with racing bi-weekly plus corporate days is phenomenal. Our broadcast deal and the Formula Foil TV (FFTV) channel will give all the sponsors such an exciting marketing tool.

We have already had a dozen requests from potential teams, businesses and it also looks like some yacht clubs may also be interested in putting together teams and joining FFORC’s. We also announced a £300k sponsorship package for the title and overall sponsor of the series. This is a three-year deal and the headline figure is the net figure the sponsor will pay. That’s £100K a year and that includes up to 20 corporate days meaning £5k per day for marketing and promotion that’s a better deal than the average charter package.

There has been a lot discussion about how a keen yacht racer can get involved and we have created a ‘Beaufort Scale’ of FFORC 1-10 that gives many of the possibilities you can find more info here:…

The deadline for early bird teams to apply and place a deposit for the Championships is January 1st 2019. This is at the price of £75K + VAT. The details are that we must have received a 10% deposit on or before that day.

In 2019 Formula Force will be building the UK headquarters and commissioning the first FFORC Figaro 3. There will be opportunities for the first 10 teams to try out the boat and start training ready for the first race in April 2020.

So why FFORC and why now?

The stars are aligned….

This is a unique moment in time and came about because there is a technology shift, a moment when a new technology becomes accessible, we have a unique yacht the Figaro 3 which is ready now, we have a new generation of sailors who want more adventure and we have a UK market which needs something different and its affordable


When British yachting heroes were knights and 16 countries competed for the Admiral’s Cup… we will rebuild this love of offshore racing for a new generation, We are making it faster, more exciting and safer. We are giving each team member an important job to do. We are making it affordable. We are removing the hassle of ownership. We are making it accessible to businesses who want an exciting adventurous way to connect their brand to exciting adventurous people. We are using the latest communications technology to give a real time experience for the public. We are creating...

... ‘the new force in ocean racing adventure’

There is a lot to do and we need your support – so please share

– Thank you

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