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Greenfield opportunity for facial recognition

Greenfield have been appointed to assist Facewatch, the leading UK company operating in the retail crime prevention and access control sector, with their PR and communications.

It is a crucial time for facial recognition as the technology has now come of age and the applications for its use are now widespread which, of course, with any new technology is causing many questions to be asked about personal security and your right to be anonymous. Facewatch have a solution that answers these challenges.

Crucially for Facewatch, who have 10 years experience in the retail crime sector, their solution works on the important premise that if you are not matched on the systems watch-list within a millisecond your facial algorithm and picture is immediately deleted. Facewatch have also worked closely with the ICO and ensured that the system is fully GDPR compliant.

The road map for Facewatch is to provide any retail organisation with a shoplifting challenge a solution that actually deters this behaviour before it happens. Shareable watch-lists are able to be linked securely via the cloud across towns and cities making retailers using Facewatch safer, more relaxed with staff having more time to help customers.

Facewatch - The biggest step in crime prevention since the invention of CCTV
The system does not store images - only those of known SOIs

With trials underway across the UK, Facewatch is already significantly reducing crime in every Establishment it has been set up in.

Greenfield, as veteran technology addicts, are very pleased to be able to work with Facewatch team to build the brand and create safer public places for all.

Stuart Greenfield 07788 662697


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