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Kick start your marketing week with a plan

Plans, be they strategic or tactical, are the foundations of any business and the marketing department should lead from the front. Below are some ideas to kick start your year:

Monday: Kickstart the Week with Innovation and Planning

  1. Innovation Brainstorming Session: Start the week by gathering your team for a brainstorming session focused on innovative product or service ideas.

  2. Market Analysis Monday: Dedicate this day to analyzing current market trends and competitor strategies.

  3. Motivation Monday: Share motivational quotes or stories on social media to engage your audience and set a positive tone for the week.

Tuesday: Technology and Digital Engagement

  1. Tech-Talk Tuesday: Share a blog post or social media update about the latest technology trends relevant to your industry.

  2. Digital Tool Try-out: Experiment with a new digital tool or platform and share your experiences and learnings with your team or audience.

  3. Testimonial Tuesday: Feature a customer's story or testimonial on your social media channels.

Wednesday: Customer Focus and Community Building

  1. Webinar Wednesday: Host an informative webinar on a topic of interest to your customers.

  2. Wellness Wednesday: Promote employee wellness and share tips or activities that support mental and physical health.

  3. Customer Appreciation Day: Offer special discounts or promotions to thank your customers.

Thursday: Content Creation and Networking

  1. Thought-Leader Thursday: Publish thought-leadership articles or blogs that position your brand as an expert in your field.

  2. Networking Event: Attend or host a virtual networking event to connect with peers, potential partners, and clients.

  3. Throwback Thursday: Share a successful case study or milestone from your business history on social media.

Friday: Reflection and Community Engagement

  1. Feedback Friday: Encourage feedback from customers and employees on products, services, or recent initiatives.

  2. Feature Friday: Highlight a team member or department within your company and their contributions.

  3. Fun Friday: End the week with a light-hearted social media post or team activity to boost morale.


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