Love to buy hate being sold… and can you believe your best friends?

How often have you put off buying something because of an over enthusiastic sales person or when on line too many options, discounts and deals? It seems to be true that most people hate being sold to but love to buy, or is it. If this was the case most of the sales teams and marketing that is out there would have died away years ago.

Truth is they haven’t and even more time and money is spent on selling than ever before. So what’s the catch? Truth is information transfer, communications and knowledge or data is bigger than ever and everyone feels empowered the more they have. Well there is a limit and sometimes we all feel over loaded by advertising and promotions. So it is just about how information gets to us that can make us uneasy.

Face to face selling is a highly professional skill, ask any politician, and done correctly is the most powerful way of communicating and ultimately changing someone’s behaviour which in the situation of need will result in a sale. In fact most organisations focus on getting close to their customers and interacting with them on the most personal level they can. This method is, of course, way too expensive for most consumer goods and food products so the next best thing was to at least allow customers to sample products generally in store.