News Flash - P&G come clean about social advertising...

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

The truth is that managing you online advertising  across Google, Facebook, affiliates, Twitter, Instagram and Linked In,to name just a few, is a nightmare. It would appear and now confirmed by the likes of P&G that they have issues. Let’s be frank the tools are all different, they are complicated, difficult to integrate and you are generally relying the platform owner to to tell you how successful you are. All in all when one of the bigger online advertisers says enough is enough the time has come for the industry to make some changes. Fat chance. Social platforms at making a killing. Firstly they try and exclude professional agencies to manage the job for the brands by offering no incentive, then they make it complicated so your average marcons team overspend, don’t get good measurement and make mistakes such as advertising in the wrong place to the wrong audience which then creates a media storm. 

It is time for the whole online ad industry to be disrupted and the outrageous claims and costs brought inline. Facebook may say they are making amends for over zealous ads and want to get back to basics but really this is just pandering to PR as without this revenue none of these sites can keep growing.

Frankly they have had it too good for too long and there is new technology just around the corner which will reward users and advertisers a like. 

This won’t happen over night but with more big brands complaining and new solutions like Steemit  and Dtube just around the corner it won’t be long.

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