News New News - Find out what's happening in marketing - My top 10+1 guide

It was so easy to find out the real news back then!

In 1986 as an ad man in London finding out what was going on was easy. Copy of the FT, Times, Campaign and PR week plus a cup of coffee and the Sun for a bit fun, by 11am you new it all.

How times have changed so I thought I would risk it all and eat my own hamster with a list of 10+1 places over and above the normal daily input of general news, to find out what's happening in the business of marketing: Not in any order BTW! Mostly free.

1. Mashable

2. Adage

3. Search Engine Journal

4. Social Media Examiner

5. Top rank blog

6. Ahrefs blog

7. Adweek

8. Campaign (Haymarket now owns PR Week)

9. Social Media Examiner

10. Marketing Week (including econsultancy, Creative, review etc)

11. The Register (Techy stuff hard core)

So if you have the time enjoy... if you don't just ask me ... always ready with a brand new idea and always easy to swallow!

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