The technology backlash (techlash) has arrived so what do we do now?

Today Transport for London has withheld a new licence for UBER to operate in London, two weeks ago China banned trading in BITCOIN and a month ago GOOGLE was fined E2.4b for abusing the advertising systems on their home page searches, APPLE just launched a £1000 phone and will become the first $trillion dollar business and FACEBOOK has to remove any articles within 2 hours that the UK Government deem as inappropriate.

So what is happening? Are the big tech companies just becoming too powerful?

On the face of it we seem to be given free services from the big tech players (except Amazon and Apple!). We can use Facebook, and Google for free and there are lots of free apps. But nothing in life is ever really free in the commercial world and everyday we divulge information and data that is used for profit by the big tech companies. We seem to believe this is a fair pay off until EQUIFAX are hacked and put 400,000 UK citizens at risk?