World Cup ad takes Blockchain back to the future...

When the Hdac TV commercial appeared in the middle of the World Cup half time I was impressed. Here we are in a millennials' driven social media, dual screen, nonscheduled, watch when you want world of selfies and viral ads produced on mobile phones. It made me seem so much more relevant. There it was a 30 second rather straight forward TV commercial hitting all the old familar Clichés. Family, dog, home, and an idea of the IOT (Internet of things) that most utility companies have been plugging but cannot yet deliver because of old infrastructure and old technology clogging the system.

The take home here is that broadcast communications still work. Brand is everything and getting the Blockchain onto the screen for tens of millions of people to query is really powerful. In fact the word Blockchain in the ad was probably stronger than the Hdac name, which I am assuming come from 'Home decentralised application company'. Even the fact that Blockchain technology may not really be needed in the home environment immediately it didn't matter firstly it was great for Hdac to be the first and even better for the decentralised movement.

It was in 1997 that the Super Bowl ad break saw, Auto-by-tel, E-trade,,,,,