You can't build a bridge from the middle...

Black Cab drivers in London are pretty smart aren't they? The fact that to get a licence might take two years of driving around and around Greater London on a moped in all conditions means that they at least have a bit of staying power.

I can quite understand that they were really upset when Uber arrived in town and started to take business and further clog up the streets with vehicles. GPS, 4G, and a slick app really has put them on the back foot. But the market did react with the launch of Hailo, Gett, Kabee, and Maaxi, all that offer similar solutions to Uber. However the power of a single brand offering jobs for 40,000 people many of whom driving is probably the one thing they are able to do meant that it was always going to be a disruptive time similar to so many 'Technology revolutions'.

But is this different? Has technology reached a tipping point when the man in the middle, yes the middle class are now realising that their jobs are under threat? It seems that the work force is becoming like an hour glass. Lots of low paid manual, gig economy jobs at the bottom and the rich owners and leaders at the top.