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Tim Collingwood

Director at Oxford Web Applications

I've worked with Stuart for just over a year now. During this time Stuart has provided valuable input from a marketing strategy perspective. Stuart has demonstrated the ability to quickly understand our organisation, and the way we work with our clients, to make recommendations on how we can make improvements in our sales and marketing processes. Working with Stuart has provided an external perspective which has helped us to push our own thinking to try new things. Stuart has enabled us to re-think our approach to marketing and also come up with a number of ideas to help us with our strategy. Working with Stuart has been hugely beneficial and I would certainly recommend him to anybody who wants to develop their marketing strategy.


Simon Gordon

Chairman of Facewatch

Facewatch has used Stuart’s PR services on two occasions during important phases of launching Facewatch’s technical AFR product to the retail sector. His ability to communicate the facial recognition story in a balanced way has led to good coverage across a broad range of national and sector-specific media whilst building solid relationships with influencers and journalists. We would recommend is services to any organisation wishing to launch a technically complex solution into a new market where relationships are paramount. 

Jonathan Craymer

Chairman at Cloud-pin Limited

Stuart is one of those rare people able to fuse both realism and inspiration in the same discussion. This quality, in my experience, frequently leads to the creation of amazing ideas, without ever losing sight of what's practical and do-able. A few minutes of his time can turn a small business idea into a big one.



Sally Thompson

CEO of Launch International

Stuart has a unique combination of business acumen, strategic thinking, and huge creativity, together with a highly innovative, direct approach to problem-solving and defining a solution. I have known and worked with Stuart since 2006 and am very happy to recommend him. I consider him to be an industry leader and pioneer in new ideas and digital marketing.


Daniel Macaulay

Founder /CEO at Brandwave Marketing


Stuart worked with us as a business mentor. He provided some invaluable insights into the design industry and really helped to bring our business to the next level. We would not hesitate to recommend him...


Richard Chinn

Project Director at Mott MacDonald


Stuart is a serial entrepreneur whose career has lived up to his reputation when he was a student at RNEC. An out of the box thinker who does not let an interesting opportunity pass him by is neither fearful in success or failure, he thrives on doing better using the knowledge and experience gained. He lives up to the high levels of integrity and responsibility he sets himself, which is admired in both his business dealings as well as the people who know him. He is both an exciting as well as sincere person to know and work with.


Mike Tomkins

Systems Accountant


Stuart was an inspirational leader. His team motivational skills and presentation skills still remain the best I have encountered in my many years of experience. Stuart took the time to get to know and understand his team properly.


Paul Mitchell

Senior Partner at Mitchell's Chartered Accountants and Consultants

Stuart is one of those rare people that has a creative mind and a work ethic that create results, not by luck. Has been the leader in presenting solutions to some significant quoted and international companies.


William Ware

Director of Private Client at Warner Goodman


Stuart was entrusted with the brand makeover and 9 years on it still looks modern and fresh and way ahead of the competition - and Stuart always provides down to earth and pragmatic advice.


Mark Hall

Director at Oxford Web Applications


Stuart is one of the best creative thinkers I have come across in my career. The energy and enthusiasm he brings to projects greatly improve their chance of success.


Julian Gee

Adman, Consultant, Educator, Speaker


I've always admired Stuart's range of talents, from strategic planning through to creative development. It is rare to find someone in an agency who can do all these things and do them well. Not only this, but Stuart is prepared to back his judgements and act decisively, skills which make him an excellent leader.


James Kelsey

Director at Touch Marketing Activation, Byron-Elliott and Studio Republic


I have had the pleasure of working with Stuart on many projects over the last 6 years in both my capacity as a Director of Touch Marketing Activation Ltd and as a Director at Byron-Elliott Ltd.

Stuart has provided us with a range of services including strategic consultancy, client liaison and creative input. He has consistently delivered a highly professional interface to our clients and his work has been of the very highest standard.

Stuart's presentation and inter-personnel skills are second to none. His knowledge of the digital world combined with his ability to manage large projects ensures that he is our first choice lead consultant.

His recent work for us on the launch of a new global Environmental loyalty scheme has enabled us to move this project forward in such a way that not only exceeded our client's expectations but also helped to deliver a raft of early adopters.

He is extremely diligent and very straightforward to deal with and I would have no hesitation in recommending Stuart to any organisation.


Matthew Searle

Senior Graphic Designer at Northamber


I worked closely with Stuart for about 3 months in which time I found him to be an extremely knowledgeable marketing professional. He is passionate about delivering great marketing ideas and maximising their return through strong advertising messages. Stuart is very organised and motivates those around him with his creativity and enthusiasm. I would definitely recommend working with him.


Stewart Dunn

Chief Executive at Hampshire Chamber of Commerce 


Stuart is a professional marketer whose clear vision, big ideas and strategic approach deliver results on time and within budget. A great guy to work with.


Cathy Norris

Director at JFN Productions


Stuart is one of the most innovative, forward-thinking people I have ever had the privilege to work with. His energy and enthusiasm for any project he undertakes is boundless - and he consistently comes up with new and original ideas. I can't recommend his consultancy skills and experience highly enough.


Jonathan Hall

Managing Director at Consumables Solutions Limited


Stuart is an incredibly creative and gifted individual who has had a tremendous impact on our business. His valuable insights and experience have played a key role in helping us to make critical decisions on the path we have taken our business, one which we believe will help lead us towards much greater success.


Ray Hall

Chief Executive at Consumables Solutions Limited


Stuart is one of the most creative, top-level people we have ever worked with. Generates excellent ideas to help grow businesses but can handle detail as well as strategic work all in a very timely fashion.


Paul Mitchell

Senior Partner at Mitchell's Chartered Accountants and Consultants


Stuart is one of those few people in the business world that is truly a creative and cerebral thinker. His enormous work ethic combined with his creative skills meant that his delivery on projects was exceptional.

I would strongly recommend any business Entrepreneur that is struggling with a concept or delivery of a concept to spend some time with Stuart.


Simon Gordon

Chairman of Facewatch


The man is a genius - great business insight. I would recommend him to anyone.


Jo Brinton

Lead Portfolio Manager


We have engaged with Stuart to work with us at Facewatch. He is great at business thinking and is able to solve problems and devise simple and creative solutions quickly and expertly. Good in a team I would recommend him to any business looking for a new approach, improved communications or a new strategy.


Riza Pacalioglu

Digital, TV & Film producer


Stuart is one of those rare breeds of an executive who is equally at ease in design as in business. He is bright, creative, dependable and a great person to work with. If he knows something, he knows it all the way; if he doesn't know something, he listens and respects others' views. I wish I have the opportunity to work with him more often.


Paul Turner

Senior Project Manager at Carpmaels & Ransford


Stuart was an excellent boss and mentor at my time at LeepeckGreenfield Ltd. He's a superb motivator and leader. I would be very happy to work for Stuart again in the future.


George Evans

Managing Director/Publisher at Tempus Media Ltd

I am still dining out on the story of how Stuart's concept for the launch of a private label range of components under the DTEC brand performed with amazing results in a crowded market... I would use Stuart's talents at every opportunity without hesitation.


Gillian Waddell

MD, Fuel PR International


Stuart Greenfield is a rare beast - an extraordinarily intelligent, insightful, competent and empathetic business builder/marketing chief. His intellectual strategic and creative energies are matched by substantial practical knowledge and experience. He is clever, clear, considered and a joy to work for, irrespective of whether you are a "top dog" or junior team member.

The critical issue for all ambitious businesses is to ensure they harness "great glue" who can motivate internal and external teams to deliver excellent results which contribute bottom line results short and long term. Stuart is a big picture thinker who actually bothers about all the little day to day things which matter and resonate with those charged to deliver them. His personal charm and magnetism go a long way in terms of ensuring happy working relationships. 

Fuel PR has had the pleasure of working with Stuart over the past year and we hope to continue to enjoy a working relationship over many years to come. I have no hesitation in recommending Stuart and would be happy to speak to any parties who require further information. 

Gillian Waddell, Managing Director Fuel PR; President of CIPR WPR


Pablo van der Lugt

Head of Sustainability at MOSO International & Accsys Technologies | Guest lecturer at TU Delft


During his time as marketing director at Titan Wood I have come to know Stuart as an energetic and professional entrepreneurial person with a high dose of creativity and communicative qualities and extensive knowledge in the field of marketing, branding and media campaigning. It has been a great pleasure to work in Stuart's team.


Darren Hanton

Freelance Writer


Stuart is an inspirational manager and a true professional. He has a unique ability to bring order out of chaos and possesses brilliant organizational skills. An individual with a creative flair and innovative thinking. A person able to motivate and win the hearts and minds of people and organizations. Given the opportunity, this is a man that you need to work with!


Marcus Mills

Lead Infrastructure Engineer


I've worked on and off with Stuart for over twelve years now and have always found him very professional, straight talking and creative. He's the kind of person you go to and know he'll get the job done right from the start.


Roger Marsh

Marketing Consultant


Stuart is one of the most creative and technologically savvy people I know, who has a knack of being able to combine these skills to create some damn fine ideas for marketing strategies and activities.


Paul Trill

Owner Backwater Classic Car Tours


Stuart and I have had a close working relationship for many years. My company has been involved in many successful projects with Stuart over the years and at all times he has given a thoroughly professional service. He is creative and constructive and can bring a wealth of new ideas to stimulate business presence in the market.

Stuart has my full recommendation. He brings a refreshing approach and professionalism to strategic marketing.


Brad Roynon

Chief Executive at Southampton City Council

Stuart was the joint owner of the most successful and innovative marketing & PR company in the City. Together with his partner, they secured committed clients some of whom were major players in the region. In addition, Stuart was a highly effective networker, building good relationships in both private & public sectors. Stuart expresses himself well with clear thinking and enthusiasm and was a real pleasure to work with.


Jon Gillespie-Brown

President Nalpeiron Inc.

I have known Stuart for over 20 years and he has to be one of the most creative people I have ever met, not only in a graphical sense but also even more so in a business one - his ideas are fantastic! Of course, he has been extremely successful over the years as one of the founders of the UK IT Industry but also in his many other endeavours he has flourished as well. I trust and respect his opinion and love our brainstorming sessions where we fashion new business ideas. I highly recommend him to anyone that wants sound advice or to get ahead.

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