Trust will be the word of 2018 and become redundant in a decade...really!

My New Year's Thought on 2018 and the future:

Trust Definition: Firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something... 2018 our trust in almost everything we have come to understand as 'trustworthy' will be come under scrutiny and open for examination. The rot has already started but it will be reinforced as more astonishing revaluations come to light in every aspect of our lives. Let's make a quick list of things that we may have had some trust in but will unravel further in 2018. I'll be controversial but academics, doctors, world leaders, multi-nationals, the clergy, news, your next door neigbour and even your closest friends are all going to push your understanding of trust to a new level if they haven't already.

However there is an upside with such an unprecedented surge of scandal, incompetence and down right unethical behaviour, there will be a drive by some to find ways to make trust the centre of everything and where nothing and no one can hide.

The start of a new view of trust has already started and it has come from technological roots. So what do I mean?